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Posted by Muhammad Munandar on Senin, 21 Maret 2011

foto bugil Laura Basuki
Wide-screen film, ‘Gara-Gara Bola’, which released some time ago, immediately bring the name Laura Basuki series actress in a brave new beradegan challenging. Known, the film is garapan Nia Dinata, Laura Basuki would be charged for intimate smooch with opponents play, Herjunot Ali. As a newcomer, the scene is the extraordinary courage. Moreover, this film was the first in berakting. Fortunately, it is Laura Basuki be the first time since receiving the script. To overcome this, Laura Basuki has a special strategy. He, for example, should familiarize themselves with the adjacent main opponent. This stiff enough to help Laura Basuki melt tension. “Alhamdulillah, I got the main opponent is far more experienced, such as, Junot and Wingky.
foto telanjang bugil Laura Basuki
They were very friendly and does not hesitate to give feedback to me. This is clearly very prominent role to help akuketika coincidence that the same name, “said Laura Basuki mengantongi who has the permission of both parents to do the scene is. Despite beradegan like” hot, “Laura Basuki confessed very own selective in a bid to receive, in addition to the story flows, the role will be played will also dipertimbangkannya. It also applies in the world of sinetron. Indeed, many of which says sinetron stripping can easily push up the popularity of new artists. However, for Laura Basuki, the story and the characters interesting figure that remains the main consideration in receiving a bid. Before reaching to thefilm world, Laura Basuki first working model in the world. This problem, Laura Basuki have stories.
toket gede Laura Basuki
At the time, because you want to fill the leisure time positf, Laura Basuki and friends to register in the school model QQ Modeling. For two weeks, quite a lot that he acquired. After the holiday is finished,Laura Basuki returned to school, but not long after, he contacted one of the staff who mengajaknya Modeling QQ model disebuah into the clothing. Of course, Laura Basuki does not directly accept the bid, as the eldest child of two brothers, Laura Basuki must discuss all sesuatunya with the mama. Mama Fortunately the very support it, because he mengganggap that this adah great opportunity for puterinya, ever since the Fashion Show that, Laura Basuki prompted many to be the star video clips and a few stars ads. Catwalk Model modeling some clothes, some magazines Model youth and women’s capital, Model Video clips group and band Nidji The Titans Sinzhui, Clean & Clear, Coca-Cola